Every year, Love Life partners with thousands of believers from local churches and community leaders to prayer walk outside the darkest places in our cities – the local abortion center. Our “40 Week Journey of Hope” is based on a baby’s life in the womb from conception to birth. Every prayer walk consists of a time of prayer, worship, testimonies, the “tragic truth”, and an opportunity to connect with Love Life ministries beyond the prayer walk.

FIRE Church is partnering with Love Life to adopt the week of September 18-24th. We are fasting on Wednesday, September 21st, and ending the week at a prayer walk at Latrobe Drive in Charlotte. We encourage you to joining us at 9AM on Saturday, September 24th, to pray at the busiest abortion clinic in the southeast.

This is not a protest but a time of prayer and worship. When the Church shows up the enemy takes notice and lives are changed! It’s time to shine a light on the darkest street of our city and bring hope for those who feel they have nowhere else to turn. You(we) can make a difference!

MAKE SURE TO REGISTER for this event by CLICKING THIS LINK. We are Week 33 of 40 when you are selecting your prayer week. For more information about the walk and what to bring, click this link.

The address to the clinic is: 3236 Latrobe Dr, Charlotte, NC 28211